Continuing Education

DMCAR provides a wide variety of continuing education classes for Colorado licensees; however, we do not set continuing education requirements and policies, as those are determined by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. As a convenience to our members, we have provided the current requirements below. For more information, please visit the Real Estate Commission site at or call them at 303-894-2166.

Colorado statute requires each real estate licensee to complete 24-hours of approved continuing education each 3-year license period.

Licensee may satisfy the entire continuing education requirement through one of the 3 following options:

(1) Complete the four hour "Annual Commission Update" course once a year. Licensees choosing this option must also complete an additional 12 hours of elective coursework to meet the 24-hour total continuing education requirement during the 3-year license period.

OR, (2) Complete the Commission-approved 24-hour "Brokerage Administration" course. This option is permitted once to each licensee in lieu of the above requirements. It is the Brokerage Administration course that would also be required for license upgrade to Managing Broker.

OR, (3) Pass the Colorado portion of the state examination. 

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